Lifting children out of poverty one mom at a time

Fund A Mom believes in empowering the next generation through healthy, happy Moms.

Moms are the cornerstone of a child’s development but still so many Moms – single Moms especially – struggle to provide the most basic needs.

Moms deserve to thrive.

Children deserve to see their Moms living with choices and autonomy.

Fund A Mom brings together a team with 30+ years of successful, impactful humanitarian experience galvanized around a simple idea – a guaranteed cash income can lift single moms out of poverty and change their future 

And that of their children

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How we started

Fundamom started in India, where being a single mom in the lowest caste is very difficult and many are relegated to hard jobs like picking rocks, construction, cleaning toilets, and cleaning homes and hotels.

Starting in 2018, we began giving single moms in the slums a guaranteed income.

We figured if it can work in such incredibly challenging circumstances – Indian slums – it can work everywhere.

Guess what? It was an amazing success. Our moms became confident, happy, and much more healthy – as did their children.

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Why we need you

According to the children’s defense fund, child poverty has devastating real-world consequences: “it creates gaps in cognitive skills for very young children, puts children at risk of hunger and homelessness, jeopardizes their health and ability to learn, and fuels the intergenerational cycle of poverty.”

All this and a worn-out mom.

Giving a monthly guaranteed income to single moms anywhere changes everything.

Economic security can provide childcare, nutritious food, a trip to the movies, a taxi to pick up sick kids, a babysitter, mental health support, new clothing for the kids, an emergency backup plan, but mostly a long sigh of relief.

Get it?

So now on to south-central…and then other U.S. and global cities.

(oh and if you need any more convincing the data is below)


Proof that guaranteed income works


What now?

The truth is the old charity system has not worked. There are over a million charities in the USA alone. Has anything changed? The old methods, the old bureaucracies have held back real change. Indeed we believe charity as a term and an idea is over. Autonomy is the right way to empower people and give them the human dignity we all deserve
Every poor person needs one thing urgently. Cash! Instead, as a society, we dance around this idea so that we can control the poor.

“The truth is the poor don’t have a lack of character, they just have a lack of cash!”
Rutger Bregman, from his book, Utopia For Realists.

Please give and help us support single moms and their children in the most dignified way possible. And watch her rise!!!!


Meet the team

After years of experience in charitable giving, renowned humanitarian Leigh Blake created Fund A Mom to demonstrate the power of direct support to Moms in need and to create autonomy and economic empowerment through the power of a Mothers love.

Leigh brings an esteemed track record of advocacy, fundraising, and successful charitable solutions saving and improving millions of lives through her humanitarian organizations and work with Artists like Bono and Alicia Keys.  Through Red Hot, Artists Against AIDS Worldwide, Keep a Child Alive, We Are Here Movement, Arms Around the Child and now Fundamom her mission has always been to give directly and cut out the huge systems in between.  

Leigh brought in two key collaborators as Directors, Ellie Milner, and Ann Gilbertson Haggart, to launch Fund a Mom and start a global movement with a collective intention to further prove that empowerment directed to women works.  Security, confidence and the notion that someone cares changes everything for a Mom with little means of support and children to r


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